Transitional Therapy & Performance

Transitional Therapy & Performance (TTP), is a model of treatment that was successfully used in 2021 to treat suffering veterans at risk for harming themselves (or others) due to psychiatric disorders commonly associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), combat trauma, and early childhood trauma.

Veterans are battling fear and anxiety. This is often related to receiving a medical or psychiatric diagnosis, coupled with the dynamics of retiring from the military and being home full-time with their families. The program is designed to lift each client to a place of empowerment, and to teach them how to build a future based on hope and healing, rather than despair and pain.

The TTP team
David Bauer, Former Navy SEAL
TTP supported me like many people struggling with depression, I managed my professional life with a "grin and bare it" facade. By the end of 2020 the situation became extremely difficult, and I was seriously close to losing my wife of 33 years and destroying myself.
How it Works

TTP has a powerful approach of treatment that combines the best practices of two models of support: Psychotherapy and Peer Support Mentorship. The psychotherapy model retrains veterans to experience adaptive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Peer support model gives veterans the resources they need to build a foundation of emotional stability and well-being. 

TTP’s three-pronged approach:

  1. Affect Phobia Therapy: helps our clients face the fear, shame, guilt, and anxiety associated with moral injury, brain trauma, family conflict and psychiatric diagnosis.

  2. Peer support interrupts our client’s tendencies to isolate and withdraw and instead inspires them to live in an empowered and connected way with the support of a fellow veteran. 

  3. Crisis response team gives our clients the support they need to resolve symptoms related to trauma, and just as importantly, an education on the preventative steps they can take to improve their future wellbeing. 

Retreat training is provided to mental health professionals, coaches, and mentors twice a year. In July we provided a 2-day retreat for our coaches and peer support mentors at the C4 Ranch. Future retreats will focus on supporting spouses. 

Former Navy SEAL, Deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq
TTP allowed me to begin my work on having an intentional time everyday where I am fully present with myself and family. I hope to be able to turn this practice into a habit…I intentionally try to block all the extra distractions from taking over my thoughts.
Plans for Expansion in 2022

In the coming year TTP is developing a referral database/CRM to match mentors, certified coaches and licensed mental health professionals with clients who are interested in receiving treatment. Day Retreat for combat veterans for treatment and to jump start their daily care plan. Retreats include a fire pit ceremony, meditation, psychoeducation, sharing life stories, labyrinth walk, trust fall, meals together, physical activity, equine therapy, journaling, letting go ceremony, time in nature, etc. Additional initiatives include a podcast and online training.